ASKOL Introduction

Open decentralized financial markets services

Open Decentralized Financial Markets ASKOL is an open decentralized financial services platform offering hybrid assets markets and dNFT derivatives markets ecosystem that provides its users access to a new breed of permissionless financial services. ASKOL empowers its users to become market creators, co-creators. market participants, traders, arbitrageurs, and to simply help better manage asset and market risks in turn offering opportunities to improve digital assets portfolio performance. Efficient, Scalable and Customizable Market Services ASKOL charged markets are open, composable, scalable, efficient, customizable and diverse; uniquely designed to support an extensive range of approved crypto assets across multiple blockchain networks. ASKOL charged assets markets services aim to help users to reduce inherent digital assets volatility and hedge broader markets risks, while helping to improve consistency of asset yields across markets cost effectively.

Unique Multi-Token Economy ASKOL ecosystem utilizes dual in-app algorithmic token design, each token is bonded to ASKO publicly traded Gateways tokens markets, which offer easy access and unique opportunities for arbitrageurs, traders, liquidity providers, borrowers, creditors, validators, borrowers and market creators, which all stand to benefit from joining the ASKOL ecosystem. ASKOL in-app algorithmic tokens are used to power the ecosystem, allowing users to cost effectively perform transactions across all networks without incurring high costs of bridging or external exchanges. ASKOL in-app stable token uses multiple bonding value curves to offer transaction interoperability across public ASKO Gateway markets which are the publicly traded gateways tokens for the ASKOL ecosystem. In addition ASKOL supports a second in-app algorithmic LP token operating on variable oscillating value bonding curve principles in tracking the underlying LPs market value by gateway token market. ASKOL LP tokens offer users a frictionless method to increase leverage in derivative markets, act as collateral for borrowing and unlock participation in incentivized creditors and validators pools.

We are very excited about the future of open decentralized finance and believe that systemic economic crisis, will drive capital holders globally more and more to open decentralized financial markets services on web3.

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