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Roadmap 2023-2024

We are building something great!


EYEQ deployment will establish our an on-chain system of governance for the ecosystem where community, contributors, investors, key opinion leaders, partners, and advisors align to contribute. The EYEQ token IDO and TGE is planned for Q1 - 2023, the token will grant access to holders for participation in the DAO governance functions and will serve as an instrument for incentivizing growth, staking, and development of our WEB 3.0 services ecosystem current and future projects.
The Launch phase officially kicks off once our IDO offering is completed in Q1 2023.


EYEQ DAO is focused on leveraging our enterprise level architecture and broad range of user friendly services to drive rapid growth for NFT creatives, NFTFi, NFT trading, marketplaces, universal identity avatars, social engagement hubs, charities, art, crypto, metaverse, gaming, media, sports, entertainment and other. In our release, the primary objectives are to launch our services across multiple blockchain networks, create awareness, inclusion, engagement and build community. We also plan to continue to add to the diversity of our expertise and influence within the WEB 3.0 space to further ensure high level of security and user friendly experiences.