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Rolling Funding

Making investing in Web 3.0 safe, rewarding and easy!

How Rolling Funding Works

Investors are able to allocate capital in the agreed crypto assets directly to an on-chain smart contract treasury which is controlled and operated by them and/or their delegated assigns. The treasury is referred to as a "sub-DAO", which is established as an EYEQ DAO ecosystem sub-treasury affording direct control to its investors over the rolling funding allocations for the chosen project on a mile-stone basis.
Capital allocation is always at the discretion of the investor(s) in accordance with the terms, conditions and schedule(s) set forth in the investment agreement and its addenda, executed by and between the investor or their nominated representative(s) and the project team. Investment Agreement shall clearly stipulate the amount of capital the investor is committing to a selected "Project" as per the defined terms, conditions set out in the capital allocation schedule(s), comprising an integral of the investment agreement. Upon receipt of funds in the assigned treasury, "Project" tokens begin to vest linearly as per the predetermined terms and conditions set forth in the investor vesting schedule.