Community Member Proposals and Voting

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Community member proposals and voting powers

  • Voting powers are provided to EYEQ holders and EYECON Membership NFT holders staking on the DAO.
  • Each member is eligible to cast 1 vote
  • Members are eligible to vote if they are staking at least $500 value or more in EYEQ tokens on the DAO or hold an EYECON NFT membership
  • Any registered member on the DAO is eligible to submit proposals, there are no staking or holder requirements.
  • If a member does not hold an EYECON NFT Membership or is staking at least $500 value in EYEQ tokens on the DAO, they are not eligible to vote but can still submit proposals for community consideration.
  • Any community vote shall be considered passed if the following parameters are met: - Quorom of not less than 40% of all registered community members - Threshold of 25% must be met in order to the vote to pass - Voting duration is 14 days before the vote is considered closed
EYECON Membership NFT holders are whitelisted to access all ecosystem services and environments, in addition they are able to participate in DAO voting.

Community Committee Creation and Delegate Selection

Members from the community are able to vote on establishing a Community Committee comprised of elected delegates, if they should wish to do so. If a community committee is established, then anyone wishing to become an elected should first be proposed as a candidate by at least 50 community members which are required to submit proposals for nomination. Below are the requirements for community delegate selection and appointment:
  • Each selected delegate should be an EYEQ holder with a minimum of $1000 equivalent in EYEQ token value staked on the DAO vesting vault.
  • To qualify as a delegate the member must be staking for at least 30 days on the DAO before becoming eligible for community selection and appointment.
  • Any qualifying member can be proposed as a selected delegate at any time, but must have at least 50 supporting votes from the community in order for them to be appointed as a delegate. This requirement may change as the community grows and will ultimately be defined by the community members registered on the DAO.
  • The community committee shall be comprised of not more than 10 elected delegates, unless otherwise determined by the community members.
  • Each community delegate shall have 1 delegate vote

Community Committee Delegate Voting Parameters

In order for a committee vote to be considered as passed, the following requirements must be met:
  • Committee Quorum > 40%
  • Vote Threshold > 51%
  • Voting Duration = 7 days after publication of proposal on the DAO public forum
Committee members can be removed via committee vote, removal requires a quorum of not less than 40% and a threshold met of 51% or more achieved in the committee.