EYEQ Tokenomics

EYEQ token supports sustainable ecosystem growth and equitable governance

EYEQ DAO Token Distribution

What is token distribution? it is the allocation of protocol native tokens in accordance with a predetermined purpose and schedule. It is the structure and schedule of how a crypto asset is distributed within the protocol's token economy amongst its participants, markets, development, team, investors, advisors and various services providers.

EYEQ token supply

  • Total authorized supply of EYEQ tokens is 10,000,000
  • All future minting is DAO-regulated which ensures a healthy and sustainable token economy

How EYEQ Token supply is regulated?

EYEQ token is a DAO regulated crypto asset, which means that changes to token distribution structure, schedules, or additional token supply minting are managed via on-chain governance, requiring a Governance Committee vote with a quorum of not less than 40% and with a met threshold of 51%. Ensuring full on-chain transparency and protecting the EYEQ token economy and its holders.

EYEQ Token Distribution