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EYEQ Token Metrics

  • DAO Regulated Supply
All EYEQ token distributions are regulated by the DAO committee which consists of key contributors and strategic partners. This ensures full transparency and consensus for the EYEQ token economy.
  • Governance
EYEQ token provides access to anyone wishing to take part in the governance and development of the DAO-governed ecosystem, related projects and services, by submitting proposals and voting.
  • Backed by Revenues
DAO collects 25% of all revenues generated by the ecosystem across all networks. Earnings per EYEQ grow steadily over time as the ecosystem revenues develop and additional sources of revenue are introduced.
  • Liquidity Farming
EYEQ token holders are eligible to receive their weighted share of ecosystem fees, determined by the number of EYEQ tokens held and staked on the DAO vaults.
  • Multi-token Vesting
EYEQ token's unique parameters allow holders to take advantage of ongoing multi-token vesting, by participating in the DAO vesting vaults. Holders are eligible to receive rewards in ecosystem utility tokens and participating partner tokens.
  • Incentives for Investors
Ecosystem investors are entitled to receive vesting rewards in EYEQ tokens of up to 5% of the total invested capital value. These rewards will accrue to investors in accordance with a predetermined vesting schedule.
  • Market Maker Reserve
MM reserve is established on the DAO to support a healthy token economy. 10% of all fees received on the DAO from ecosystem are reserved for token buy-back, ensuring consistent token supply and demand curve management.
  • "EYECON" Membership NFT
EYEQ token holders are eligible to receive an exclusive EYECON NFT membership if they hold a balance of $5000 or more in EYEQ token value on the DAO vaults for a period of 90 days, (limited to 10% of total memberships minted).