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EYEQ Token

Deflationary token economy with sustainable growth built-in

What is the EYEQ token?

ERC20 standard token, allowing its holders to participate in EYEQ DAO ecosystem governance, development, farming and staking.

What purpose does EYEQ token serve?

Decentralized Governance - used to incentivize and drive decentralized participatory governance within the DAO ecosystem.
Open Participation - provides access to anyone wishing to take part in the governance and development of the DAO ecosystem and its related projects and services. Special Purpose Rewards Vehicle (SPRV) - the EYEQ token also serves as an "SPRV" to help drive future development of the ecosystem by incentivizing investors, developers, advisors, community members and strategic partners. EYEQ Staking - EYEQ token holders also gain privileged access to monthly vesting distributions of ecosystem fees and partner projects token rewards. EYEQ token holders are eligible to receive their weighted share of the fees and vesting token reward allocations, determined by the number of EYEQ tokens owned and staked on the DAO by the holder.
EYEQ token contract address: 0x74664fc5bABF67a89a52fcC556264240d24a5138