Universal name avatars - identity on WEB 3.0
  • Create and secure your Identity on WEB 3.0
  • Create passes and verify
  • Connect multiple wallets
  • Transferable
  • Store your preferences and bio
  • Connect to socials
  • Tell the world about yourself
Web 3.0 avatars have become so unique that it is not just a blockchain address or digital art, but also your personal identity and access pass to unlimited engagement on the distributed web. The Metavatar platform allows users to choose from an unlimited range of avatar creator content, thanks to an extensive range of avatar generators and avatar builder services. Everyone is enabled to easily create their 2D or 3D avatars and avatar collections in minutes. Metavatar platform also offers customizable avatars for pets, what better way to tell the world about your favorite pet, share your pet's preferences and related resources. Each universal name avatar contains a robust set of creator defined metadata that you can share about your yourself, your preferences, your social links and many other resources that tell about you. Avatar creators can also add their wallet addresses, domains, and other data, which they can choose to share publicly or with their contacts.
Present yourself in the digital multiverse by creating your unique avatar. Universal name avatars have an unlimited range of use cases, some examples; access social media, metaverse environments, games, whitelists, rewards, promotions, sporting events, entertainment and much much more... The use of avatars in the digital world is increasing day by day.
Metavatar platform services will available on the following web3 networks; Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Polygon.