A MEDIA & NFT WEB 3.0 Ecosystem!
Media EYE NFT Portal is a Web 3.0 technology platform that offers a comprehensive suite of programmatic on-chain and off-chain decentralized services enabling all users to create, trade, deploy and cost-effectively distribute digital content via NFTs from a single platform.
MEDIA EYE technology provides automated non-custodial services for a diverse range of NFT use cases, offering users a variety of options to trade, collect, create NFTs, campaigns, promotions, events, avatars "universal" identity, generate unique content, engage through social media, contribute to charity, and much more.
Creators, advertisers, businesses and brands need to find new and innovative ways to promote and increase awareness, while growing their audiences. NFTs are ideal web3 digital assets that can be used to directly promote, target audiences, and deliver digital content cost effectively. NFTs offer unique experiences, offer ownership, help to create stakeholders, helping brands and business to connect with audiences while reducing user & customer acquisition costs and increasing loyalty amongst targetted audiences.