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Vesting Rewards for EYEQ Token Holders

EYEQ token holders are eligible to participate in MEDIA EYE NFT Portal eYe token vesting rewards
Vesting rewards to start after launch of DAO
eYe token is the utility token of MEDIA EYE NFT Portal which provides access to a plethora of unique Web 3.0 NFT-centric services. eYe token also offers discounts of 15% for all subscriptions and pay-as-you-go services on the MEDIA EYE NFT Portal ecosystem, across multiple blockchain networks. eYe token can also be used to farm earned fees on each blockchain network in the EYE Cohort Farms. Up to 50% of fees on each network go to user rewards and cohort farming.
Linear vesting period up to 12 months per user (30-day lock minimum), all EYEQ holders wishing to participate can stake their EYEQ tokens on the DAO vesting vaults. EYEQ holders can remove their EYEQ tokens at the end of any thirty day vesting cycle, when the 30 day lock period expires. Anti-whale policy to ensure a fair distribution of vesting rewards amongst EYEQ holders, a limit of 10,000 EYEQ tokens staked per holder is set as "eligible" for the eYe token vesting rewards program (anti-whale staking caps may be adjusted from time to time)

MEDIA EYE supported networks:

Binance Smart Chain (MVP launch)
Ethereum (MVP launch)
Fantom (planned launch after MVP release)
Polygon (planned launch after MVP release)