EYEQ DeFi Services

Automated capital allocation strategies for premium yield farming, LP token compounding and liquidity farming
Automated capital allocation strategies
Easy-to-use services for Sushi, CRV, Harvest Finance, Ellipsis, Pancakeswap, and other premium DeFi markets.
DeFi Yield pools & Farming
Carefully selected premium yield pools with automated LP token compounding farming services.
Scalable Architecture
Easy to scale architecture with unique vault-managed strategies.
Reap the Benefits of DeFi
Quant Flash 4-in-1 transactions available for select pools.
Reduced Fees
Low transaction fees and reduced performance fees allow users to more effectively capitalize their assets while having access to a broader range of premium markets.
Cross-Chain Bridge
Easy-to-use EYEQ Invest BTC <> BSC/ETH bridge for capital onboarding and offboarding.
Seamless Crypto Exchange
Single token swapping for easy and automated capital allocations to all supported premium markets.
Intuitive User Experience
User-friendly dashboard and easy-to-follow UI
Farming Rewards Liquidity farming with up to 50% of generated services fees distributed to participating token holders