EYEQ DAO Ecosystem

Open, Secure, Decentralized Services Ecosystem
EYEQ DAO ecosystem is designed to offer users easy to use, easy to navigate services, provide social spaces and tools for effective engagement, while offering high level of security with extensive range of customizable services. EYEQ DAO ecosystem users are empowered to perform full cycle activities, from creatives to monetization, assuring convenience, efficiency, and making it easy to perform and manage complex tasks. Users also benefit by staying within the familiar environment of a single ecosystem, thereby greatly enhancing user experience, in-turn building usership and loyalty.

EYE DAO __NFT, NFTFi and DeFi Services Ecosystem

  • MEDIA EYE NFT Portal
MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is a Web 3.0 technology platform offering a comprehensive suite of services enabling all users to create, trade, engage, promote, deploy and distribute cost effectively digital content via NFTs globally.
  • “EYECON” Membership
An membership NFT that offers access annual whitelisting for subscription services, 50% discount for all Pay & Go services, vesting member rewards and a lifetime fixed price for annual renewals of $99.
  • Free & Subscription Services
Free services offer soft landing for anyone interested in joining the creator economy and leveraging Web 3.0 technologies for their specific needs and use cases. While subscription services unlock core functionality for those who are ready to create collections, use diverse range of creator options to further grow their presence in the Web 3.0 space.
  • MEDIA EYE Marketplace and Pay & Go Services
Wide range of customized and integrated comprehensive services that help anyone create, promote, drive awareness, advertise, and distribute digital content with NFTs globally.
  • Metavatars & Avatar Marketplace
Metavatar makes it easy and fun to create universal identity on the blockchain. The platform allows using avatar generator and avatar minting services for anyone to easily create a 2D or 3D self in the digital world. We have also added avatars for pets, what better way to tell the world about your favorite pet.
  • Universal Identity on Web 3.0
Identity on web 3.0 can be considered as a new universal profile standard, simply put a new blockchain identity standard which is immutable, provable and can be used across the distributed web at the creators discretion. The ERC 721 NFT standard offers a new leap in sovereign identity, and we are very pleased to support this new standard on the Metavatar platform, while adding suite services that make it easy to create unlimited rang of avatars and avatar collections.
  • EYE Social and Charity Place
Enjoy engaging with your community, followers, friends and peers on EYE Social, on user friendly forum chats, p2p chats and microblog services. Contribute to great causes, choose your favorite charity and contribute a percentage of sales proceeds to the selected charity automatically. Charity Place offers fully transparent and auditable transactions on the blockchain, while contributors can also receive a reciept for tax deduction purposes.
  • Metaverse and AI
EYEQ DAO is also striving to offer the latest innovations through its on-chain and off-chain integrated services. Our tech infrastructure is designed to support expansive Metaverse applications and AI driven services. We have few surprises in-store for our users.

Governance and Membership

EYEQ DAO offers its community and token holders revenue shares in all managed and governed markets. The business model of EYEQ DAO can be described as a participatory decentralized ecosystem with unique incentivization features for its participants, investors and contributors.
  • EYEQ Token
EYEQ DAO governance token "EYEQ" offers holders to participate in ecosystem governance, share in ecosystem revenues and receive rewards via our multi-token vesting vaults. EYEQ holders are also eligible to receive ecosystem membership NFTs unlocking our ecosystem services.
  • “EYECON” membership NFT
Offers participation in the ecosystem DAO, unlocks access to ecosystem services, rewards, airdrops, events, and unique environments. Members receive a lifetime fixed price for renewals and become eligible for other benefits as the ecosystem evolves.

DeFi Services

  • EYEQ Invest
DeFi aggregator services for automated capital allocation to premium yield farming pools, automated LP compounding, single token swap, and quant allocation strategies. Also, providing access for BTC holders to DeFi markets on Ethereum and BSC networks.
  • Multi-Token Vesting
EYEQ token's unique parameters allow holders to take advantage of ongoing multi-token vesting, by participating in the DAO multi-token vesting vaults. Holders are eligible to receive rewards in ecosystem utility tokens, participating partner tokens and NFTs.


  • Partners
EYEQ DAO is working closely with strategic partners and services providers, as we continue to add to our supported services offerings for our users. We have successfully partnered with leading organizations in a diverse range of markets and industry verticals, as we continue to prepare for our ecosystem release.
25% of all fees generated within the ecosystem are remunerated to EYEQ DAO.
100% of all fees generated by EYEQ Invest - DeFi Services are remunerated to EYEQ DAO A portion of all collected fees are distributed to the DAO members vault for distribution through the EYEQ DAO multi-token vesting service. Additional random rewards and token drops will also be available to participating members. EYEQ DAO vesting vaults will also distribute ecosystem tokens as per the published vesting rates by token, to participating members. (terms and conditions apply)