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"EYECON" Membership

EYECON NFTs unlock ecosystem services and voting on the DAO
  • 6000 Eyecon NFTs Collection on Ethereum
  • Media Eye Plus Subscription
  • 50% discount on Premium Media Eye Services - Pay & Go
  • Access to DAO voting and rewards system

What are EYECON Membership NFTs?

EYEQ token holders and contributors are also eligible to receive exclusive EYECON membership NFTs that unlock whitelist access to ecosystem services, rewards, airdrops, events, and unique environments (ie. Metaverse, etc.) EYEQ token holders maintaining a balance of $1000 or more in EYEQ token value staked on the DAO vesting vault for 90 days or more, are eligible to receive 1 membership NFT, affording them renewable annual whitelist privileges for ecosystem services. EYECON Membership NFTs is a limited edition generative collection with DAO-regulated supply minting.
  • EYECON NFT Memberships will be available for purchase at a fixed annual price, offering whitelist access to EYEQ DAO's ecosystem services.
  • In order to take part in DAO governance voting, staking, rewards and vesting programs, EYECON NFT membership holders may still be required to hold EYEQ tokens, as published for such services and offerings.